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00 nonfractional is a multidisciplinary tech studio helping startups evolve their vision from idea to reality.

01 refine.

Ideas, even the best ones, need refinement. A fully refined idea is the foundation of everything that follows, from product vision to implementation strategy.

We can help you develop your ideas and ensure all aspects have been carefully and meticulously thought out by people who have been in your shoes.

02 devise.

Starting with a high-level product vision and decomposing it into actionable, incremental steps is one of the more difficult parts of building a product. A clear and comprehensive execution strategy is essential for a successful product.

With extensive expertise in both product and engineering we have the unique ability to bridge the gap between these two worlds, enabling us to devise the most comprehensive and optimal execution strategy for your product.

03 build.

Whether it is a proof-of-concept, MVP or final product, we can build it. While most engineers have preferences around how they build, we prefer to take an any-stack approach. The technologies we use and recommend are chosen to fit the product vision and strategic plan, not the other way around.

04 advise.

Bringing 20+ years of learnings to the table we can help provide guidance on all challenges a startup may face. Whether you are looking for one-time advice, or an embedded startup advisor, our expertise can help round out your experience, skills, and knowledge.


05 we work to create positive connections and deep change in our world.

absolute value + does not divide = nonfractional
absolute value + does not divide = nonfractional

Who we are is as important as the quality of work we produce. Our logo is a reflection of the core values that we hold. The absolute value "| |" symbol represents our desire to ensure that everything we do creates absolute value (not diminished in any way) and positive connections for you and the world.

The second symbol "∤" does not divide, signifies that our work is anything but fractional. Our world is extremely divisive, so we strive to be the opposite. How we work, who we work with, and who we are as human beings is just as important as the quality of work we produce.

To sum this all up in a phrase (math pun intended), we work to create positive connections and deep change in our world.


portrait of stephen hallgren

stephen hallgren. Owner / Founder

Stephen Hallgren, also know as Teevio, has been living and breathing all things related to the internet for as long as he can remember. With well over 20 years experience in building startups, Teevio brings extensive technical and product knowledge to every project he takes on.

In the not so distant past Teevio led Simplecast as CTO (acquired by SiriusXM 2020) and has worked with everyone from 3D design pioneer Autodesk to Nasty Gal,, Virb and PureVolume.

Teevio currently lives in the great and grandiose city of Albany, NY [sarcasm intended] with his wife and 4 children. Aside from programming, he enjoys long runs through the woods, adventuring, reading, taking photos, and hanging out with his family.


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